How Often Should Trees Be Trimmed?

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How Often Should Trees Be Trimmed? Trees are a beautiful part of nature, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some trees grow quickly, while others grow at a slower pace. That means that there’s no “one size fits all” answer to the question: how often should trees be trimmed. Factors like weather and climate play a role in how often you should be pruning your trees, as well as the size and health of them. Unfortunately for homeowners who want a neat-looking lawn without any dead branches hanging around, it can take years before you know whether or not you’re tree pruning enough! To make sure that your trees remain healthy and beautiful, you’ll need to check for dead branches regularly. This way, if there are any dead branches, you can remove them. Risks Of Not Trimming Trees Frequently Trees need lots of nutrients and water to stay strong, but if too many branches die off due to being trimmed, the tree will be weaker than usual and more likely to break during strong winds. That can cause problems with cars or houses during high winds or storms because the branches will fall onto the property and break things.  Another risk is that the dead branches will fall off or be cut loose by animals. If it’s thick enough, this could cause some serious damage to your property. It’s very important to check for dead branches when strong winds are common at least once a month. That will make sure branches won’t fall onto your property during storms. Benefits Of Tree Trimming Frequently Tree trimming will remove the branches before they pose any serious threat to your trees or property. The tree will be healthier and better looking because you’re removing the dead branches. Instead of having one big trimming session every few years, you can do maintenance more often, so they look good. The Best Tree Services In St. Charles, MO Liscombe Tree Service is a full-service tree care company. We are known for our friendly and professional service. We can help you with every part of your tree care needs. We will always provide amazing tree service and free estimates for any job that needs to be done. Get in touch with us today for more information or schedule an appointment. CONTACT US