Why Choose Liscombe Tree Service

Why Choose Liscombe Tree Services

Experienced Professionals

From management to our crews in the field, the Liscombe Tree Service team operates with a core set of values that guide us in our day to day operations. You can expect honesty, integrity, and accountability when you choose to work with us. Our team has 50+ years of combined experience in tree care, enabling us to not only care for your property safely and efficiently, but to also educate our customers and make suggestions on best practices of tree services; because our number one priority is your wellbeing, while taking care of the trees.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Tree work is one of the most technical dangerous jobs in the service industry, and it most often takes place near or atop one of the most valued possessions – your home. At Liscombe Tree Service we understand the importance of being fully insured in case of an accident, otherwise you, the homeowner may be held liable for any injuries sustained on your property. Proper licensing is also important because it lets you know we are registered with the state and held to strict legal regulations.

5 Star Follow Through

Unfortunately, we are well aware of the fly-by-night tree services that leave customers guessing on when they will be back to finish the job, or worse take a home-owners money up front and simply disappear. At Liscombe Tree Service we take pride in our reputation and have made it our mission of raising the standard in the industry. We are often complimented by customers on our responsiveness, cleanliness on job sites, and an over-all satisfaction with our smooth process.

State of the Art Equipment

You’ve likely seen our fleet of red Liscombe Tree Service trucks on the road. From our use of cranes, spider lifts, bucket trucks and more, it’s no secret that we value the use of high-quality equipment! We invest in high-end equipment that allows us to be in and out of a job site within hours – rather than days or even weeks. We see this as a benefit to both our team and our customers, significantly decreasing the time and energy it takes to complete jobs – big and small.

We provide the following expert services to keep your family & friends safe: