Tree Cabling & Bracing Services in St. Louis

Helping Trees Stand Tall in St. Louis

The trees in St. Louis not only add a touch of nature to our bustling city but also hold countless memories and stories of the past. However, just like anything, there are moments when our dear trees become frail, facing challenges. But worry not, because that’s where we step in. At Liscombe Tree Service, our Tree Cabling & Bracing Services are dedicated to ensuring these trees get the right care and support they deserve.

Why Do Some Trees Need Extra Help?

Giving Trees Some Backbone

Ever noticed how older buildings sometimes have extra supports? Similarly, trees, especially the older or weaker ones, might need cables or braces. These supports ensure they stay upright, facing the sky with pride, and continue to provide shade for many more years.

Helping Before A Storm

Storms, with their fierce winds, can be quite tough on our leafy friends. By using our Tree Cabling & Bracing Services, we can fortify them, ensuring they stand tall and resist the power of the storm, safeguarding both the tree and the environment around it.

Fixing Trees After A Storm

Nature can be unpredictable. If a storm has left a tree with broken branches or visible damage, we’re here to mend them. Our aim is to rejuvenate and restore, allowing them to regain their former glory.

Making Trees Look Better

Every tree has its own unique charm. However, there are times when trees grow in odd shapes or directions. We can gently guide them, ensuring they grow in a more aesthetically pleasing way, adding to the beauty of St. Louis.

Keeping Parks Safe

Parks are places of joy, laughter, and memories. The trees there should only add to this joy and never be a cause for worry. We make sure that trees in public places are sturdy and safe, so families can enjoy without a single concern.

Helping Young Trees Grow Right

Just as children need guidance, young trees do too. They might grow leaning to one side or might sprout branches in every direction. With our help, these young trees can grow straight, strong, and in the right direction, promising a healthier future.

With our expert Tree Cabling & Bracing Services, we strive to make St. Louis even more beautiful and safe, one tree at a time.

How Do We Help Trees?

Tree Cabling

Tree cabling is somewhat akin to giving a tree a supportive embrace. Just as one would tie a tent’s ropes for stability, tree cabling involves using strong cables to connect a tree’s branches. This Tree Cabling & Bracing Service ensures they don’t sway too much or break, especially under stress from things like strong winds or the weight of snow. It’s a method designed to bolster the tree’s natural strength and ensure its longevity.

Tree Bracing

Bracing a tree is a bit like offering it some sturdy crutches to lean on. In this process, we use robust steel rods that are strategically placed to support weak or damaged parts of the tree. These rods help in holding the tree together, preventing further damage, and promoting stability. Think of it as a tree’s personal safety net, making sure it remains intact during its vulnerable moments.

Prevent Tree Fall By Cabling

Common Questions

Trees, like us, have varied needs. Depending on the size, condition, and specific requirements of your tree, the cost of our Tree Cabling & Bracing Services can vary. We recommend reaching out to us to get an accurate estimate.

Trees often give signals when they’re in distress. If you observe cracks in the trunk, branches that droop excessively, or any other signs of weakness, it’s an indicator that your tree might need help.

Our reputation stands tall, much like the trees we care for. With years of experience under our belt, a toolkit filled with advanced equipment, and a genuine passion for arboreal health, Liscombe Tree Services is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of both the trees and the beloved residents of St. Louis.

Why Choose Us?

  • We Know A Lot About Trees
    We’ve been doing this for a long time and love helping trees and their owners.
  • We’re Allowed To Do This
    We have all the needed permissions and are very careful.
  • People Love Our Work
    Our customers are always happy with what we do.
  • We Use Cool Tools
    We have the best equipment to do the job quickly and well.


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