Emergency Storm Tree Service For Missouri Homeowners

Emergency storm tree service is something we never wish upon a Missouri resident. This guide outlines what emergency tree service is, insurance claims, and common questions.
Emergency Tree Service Guide St Louis St Charles

Emergency storm tree service is something we hope Missouri homeowners never need. We get a ton of questions about what emergency tree service is and how to navigate insurance claims. This guide should give you and your family the information you need to have a solid plan in the unfortunate chance you need emergency service. 

What Should I Do First If a Tree Falls on My Property?

Safety first. Ensure everyone is safe and away from the fallen tree. Then, assess the situation from a safe distance to see if the tree has caused damage to your home, vehicle, or other structures. Avoid touching or trying to remove the tree yourself, as this could be dangerous.


Next, have a reputable tree service provider who understands how to handle insurance claims when it comes to emergency tree services. At Liscombe Tree Service, we have trained our emergency crews on proper procedures and practices so we can bill insurance carriers directly. Even if you don’t choose us, be sure to choose a company that provides itemized invoices and fully understands general homeowner’s policy coverages.

How Do I Know If My Insurance Will Cover the Tree Removal?

Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover tree removal if it damages an insured structure on your property. Coverage can vary, so review your policy or contact your insurance provider to confirm. Generally, if the tree falls on your house, car, garage, or fence, the removal and damage repairs are likely covered.


At LTS, we  always ask two questions: 

  1. Are there any trees on structures?
  2. Is there visible damage to any structure on your property?

Who Should I Call for Emergency Tree Removal?

Contact a professional tree removal service that specializes in emergency situations. Look for services with professional arborists and those that offer 24/7 emergency assistance. It’s critical to choose a provider with the expertise and equipment necessary to safely remove the tree.

Emergency Tree Fall Insurance Claims St Louis St Charles

Remote-operated crane (Tree-MEK) used for safer and emergency tree removal

What Information Will My Insurance Company Need?

Your insurance company will require details about the incident, including when it occurred, the extent of the damage, and photos or videos of the tree and affected structures. They may also request a written report from the tree removal service, so it’s important to keep all documentation for your claim. It certainly never hurts to have photos and videos readily available. 


Your insurance provider may have something online that details exactly what you need to know about needing tree service during an emergency. Always be sure to do your research and discuss the available options with the provider. 


Here is what some of the big insurance providers say on their website about their emergency tree service coverage.

Can I Choose Any Tree Company for Emergency Tree Removal?

While you may select a tree service of your choice, it’s wise to check if your insurance company has preferred vendors. Using a reputable and insured tree removal company is essential for ensuring quality work and compliance with insurance requirements.

Next, you want to make sure your tree service provider has proper insurance, experience, and other critical qualifications. At LTS, we have proper procedures in place that help us handle billing with insurance providers directly so you do not have to. We photograph, video, and document an itemized list of the equipment used that we provide insurance companies when there is an emergency tree service claim.

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What Steps Should I Take to File an Insurance Claim?

Document Everything: Take pictures or videos of the damage from multiple angles.


Contact Your Insurance: Notify them of the incident and ask about the next steps.


Keep Receipts: Save all receipts related to the tree removal and any repairs for reimbursement.


Submit Required Documentation: Provide your insurer with all requested information promptly.


Coverage limits vary by policy. While insurance typically covers the cost of removing the tree and repairing damages, there may be limits to the amount reimbursed. Discuss with your insurance agent to understand your policy’s specific coverages and any deductibles that apply.

Emergency Tree Service Summary

Navigating the aftermath of a fallen tree due to an emergency can be daunting, but understanding the process for emergency tree removal and insurance claims can alleviate much of the stress involved. Remember, safety is paramount, and working with professionals can ensure the situation is handled correctly and efficiently.

Have an Emergency and Need Immediate Assistance?

If you’re facing an emergency tree situation, contact Liscombe Tree Service for prompt, professional assistance. Our team is equipped to safely address your tree removal needs and help guide you through the insurance claims process.


Visit our Emergency Tree Service page and fill out an emergency service form, and our team will dispatch shortly after. 



The information provided in this article discusses the generalities of emergency tree service and property insurance claims. This is not legal advice nor definitive information regarding your specific coverage. Every policy and provider is different, and we strongly urge homeowners to consult their providers about what their particular policy coverage is.