Expert Tree Removal Services in Wentzville, MO

Do you have a large tree blocking your view or branches hanging too close to your home’s roof? Are you concerned about the health of an older tree? Have storms significantly damaged a certain tree on your property and left it teetering dangerously close to the edge of collapse? These are all scenarios where an expert in professional tree removal can help.


Liscombe Tree Service is always ready to aid you in these delicate situations. This assistance will improve both your home’s safety and aesthetics considerably. Removing dead or damaged trees that may be in danger of falling on your property keeps your family and home safe from harm and pests. Are you ready to begin? Contact us to get a free estimate on our services. 

Man sawing tree at the top of the tree with chainsaw and all safety equipment needed for cutting the tree tops.

Is Tree Stump Grinding Important?

You might be a homeowner who recently cut a tree in your backyard and doesn’t think it would hurt to leave the stump behind. However, if not removed quickly, the stump might resprout and regrow, resulting in a costly new removal. It’s also safer for you and your family to have a clear backyard because it prevents injuries and pest growth. 

How Does The Process Work?

Professional tree health professionals with a simple routine perform our tree stump grinding. Firstly, our customers call or email us to set a date for their removal. Our sales arborist will then visit the property to assess the terrain and devise an action plan to send an estimate on the service less than 24 hours after the visit. 

Once the date and time are set, our customers should expect a courtesy call the day before to confirm the service. When our team arrives at the property, all our clients need to do is sit back and relax while we handle the job. In the end, the property will be stump clear and ready for a new beginning. 

Trust The Experts in Wentzville, MO

Are you a Wentzville local googling for “stump grinding near me”? Liscombe Tree Service is the answer you’ve been looking for. Whether you need a single stump removed or an entire yard cleared, our team can help get the job done quickly and efficiently. So why wait? If you’re ready to reclaim your yard, contact us now for your free estimate and get rid of those pesky tree stumps once and for all!