How Can Insects Living In Trees Affect My Property

How Can Insects Living In Trees Affect My Property

How Can Insects Living In Trees Affect My Property

Not too many people are keen on living with insects around them. In fact, insects can carry diseases and destroy your property. Having insects on your land means greater risk for your family or workers and the structural integrity of your property. 

Trees are often a shelter for insects. That is why trees need to be protected and checked on for insect control. Sometimes, a certain insect species can take over the tree, and there is no other solution but to cut it down. 

3 Types of Insects That Destroy Trees

  • Chewing Insects: These insects consume leaves or needles, and the results can be very noticeable. Once they contaminate a tree, they will reproduce to live off other trees. In the end, they severely affect the growth of your vegetation. Some chewing insects include: 
    • Leaf Beetles
    • Leaf Miners
    • Winter Moth
    • Cankerworm
    • Gypsy Moth
    • Tent Caterpillars
    • Oak Processionary Moth
    • Webworms
    • Oakworm
  • Sucking Insects: These insects suck nutrients and sap from plants with their needle-like mouth. They are very small and go undetected for long periods. Sucking insects include:
    • Aphids
    • Whiteflies
    • Mites
    • Psyllids
    • Adelgids
  • Boring Insects: This pest is very destructive. The tunnel inside the tree feeds on the inner bark. Causing internal damage and not allowing for the tree to feed properly. These insects can turn the tree frail and brittle, a dangerous component to have on your property. This pest includes:
    • Emerald Ash Borer
    • Asian Long-Horned Beetle
    • Ambrosia Beetle
    • Bronze Birch Borer
    • Two-lined Chestnut Borer
    • Weevils and Bark Beetles


Protect your health and your safety. Insects promote an unsafe ecosystem and develop an unsafe environment. Let us explain.

Insects carry diseases, and they also can cause death to your vegetation. Having a tall, frail, and brittle tree full of pests in your backyard is dangerous. This tree will fall at any second, allowing the pest to look for the next victim. 

Have You Checked Your Trees Recently?

Your trees need maintenance, too. It is important to check that your trees are not carrying any insects and are strong enough to withstand strong weather conditions (we don’t want any accidents). 

We know that you don’t have the time to check on your trees. That is why Liscombe Tree Service is offering to do it for you. We provide professional tree services that help with insect control. Our services include tree removal, tree trimming & pruning, stump grinding, green debris hauling, and land clearing. 

All of our services allow your property to increase in value, aesthetics, and safety. Contact us today to explore how our tree experts can assist with your tree service needs.