How Much Does Tree Removal Cost In St. Louis

Tree Removal Costs in the St. Louis area can vary from company to company and a variety of factors. Let's dive into all these details so you can feel confident you're not getting taken advantage of by your tree service provider.
Cost of Tree Removal In St Louis St Charles

How much money does it cost to remove a tree in 2024 in St. Louis? We get it. You’ve been wanting a tree removed for a while now, but you are not sure how much money it’s going to cost to get it done. It’s a common question among homeowners, especially when planning for home improvement or addressing safety concerns. Let’s navigate the ins and outs of tree removal costs together, ensuring you have all the information you need without getting bogged down in industry jargon.

What Does It Take To Remove A Tree?

Tree removal is more than just cutting down a tree; it’s about ensuring the safety of your property and the people around it. Whether a tree is diseased, poses a risk to your home, or simply doesn’t fit your landscape vision, the removal process requires careful consideration and expertise.

St Louis Tree Removal Professional Cost

Crane-assisted tree removal can reach trees that are not as accessible with less damage to the homeowner’s property

How Do You Choose A Tree Company?

In the bustling market of St. Louis, homeowners have a plethora of options when it comes to tree service companies. However, making the right choice can significantly impact both the safety of your property and its post-service appearance.


Here are crucial factors every homeowner should weigh when considering a tree removal company:


The foundation of trust with any tree service company starts with verifying they are fully licensed and insured. This ensures you’re working with professionals committed to safety and quality, protecting you from any unforeseen liabilities.


When selecting a tree service, inquire about the equipment they plan to use and ensure they prioritize protecting your property as much as we do. A property should be left pristine, minus the tree, without the unwanted souvenir of track marks across your yard.


Check out their reviews!!! What the company says about its work is one thing, but it is what the customers say that determines the true validity of the statements. 

Factors That Influence Tree Removal Cost In St. Louis:

Tree Size

The bigger the tree, the more resources and time required to remove it safely. This will affect the cost.

Tree Location

Trees close to buildings or power lines require extra care, equipment, and sometimes some extra help from utility companies like Ameren.

Tree Health

The condition of the tree can also impact the cost. A diseased or unstable tree may need additional measures for safe removal. 

Additional Services

Consider whether you’ll need stump removal, branch chipping, or debris haul-away, as these services will add to the overall cost. 

Tree Removal Tips For St. Louis Residents

Now, we have covered the different considerations when removing a tree and choosing a provider. Moreover, we have outlined how no two removals, tree companies, or their quotes are identical. Do your homework and make sure you are choosing the right company for the job. 


But how do you get the best bang for your buck? Here are some helpful tips that will ensure you are getting the best price for quality service:

  • Schedule service during the winter months (November-March). This is the slow season for tree companies in the area, and they are always throwing out their lowest prices and best deals to offset the lack of demand. We know this because we are one of them. 
  • Get 2-3 Quotes. Worst-case scenario you don’t move forward with any of them. At least this way you can compare the companies and their prices holistically. 
  • Ask if stump grinding or debris removal is included with the service.
  • Inquire about deals for multiple trees or looking for comprehensive property maintenance.
  • Consult with professionals to understand your specific needs. Sometimes, a less invasive service like pruning can address your concerns.


Average Tree Removal Cost In St. Louis

Costs will vary widely depending on several factors, but in general, St. Louis homeowners see prices ranging from $550-$1,000 for straightforward removals and $1,001-$6,000 for larger or more complex jobs. The price is truly dependent on the variables listed above and the resources required to do the work. This may seem like a large window, but that is because there are a lot of factors to consider when pricing a tree removal. Moreover, that is why you’ll hardly ever find a tree company that will give you a firm price over the phone.


Tree removal costs don’t have to be a mystery. With the right information and a reliable partner like Liscombe Tree Service, you can approach your project with confidence. Ready to discuss your tree removal needs or curious about our services? We’re here to help, providing clear, upfront guidance and support from start to finish.