How To Get Rid of Tree Stumps

Big trees near your property are a liability, these trees tend to have unstable branches. When the branches fall, they can cause serious damage to a house, landscape, or even pets and people. It is important to cut off these large trees as soon as possible. 

Most of the time, after a tree is cut, the stump is left to naturally decompose. However, this can become a hazard. Stumps and surface roots do not only interrupt the aesthetics in your property but can cause someone to trip and fall. The benefits of stump grinding and stump removal services include:

  • It removes ugly stumps to increase the beauty of your landscaping or general property appearance
  • It clears stumps for new ground coverings or new planting


Liscombe Tree Service offers professional stump grinding services. We use state-of-the-art equipment, which allows us to fit machinery into hard-to-reach places.

Some advantages of contacting Liscombe Tree Service include:

  • Improved aesthetics, landscaping, and clears the ground for new projects
  • We are available via phone, email, or messenger
  • We provide AM or PM slots to best fit your schedule
  • An open line of communication between clients and our Sales Arborist
  • Free estimates
  • We are a professional and fully insured company
  • Five stars follow-through
  • Experienced professional with 50+ years of combined experience in tree care
  • State of the art equipment

About Our Technology

You have probably already seen our trademarked red LTS trucks on the highway. Additionally, from our use of cranes, spider lifts, bucket trucks, and more, it’s no secret that we value high-quality technology. 

Our premium equipment allows us to complete the job at record time and with no inconveniences. We will be in and out of a job site within hours!

Our equipment includes powerful stump grinders. They’re designed to be rolled up to the stump and then grind it into little pieces. This machine has a powerful, rotating blade that rips into the wood as it turns. The blade’s teeth cut the stump wood into small pieces. Stump grinding produces a lot of wood chips which is great for composting. 

Hire Trained Professionals Today

We promise you won’t regret contacting us for your stump removal services. Liscombe Tree Service never leaves a customer unsatisfied. Enjoy a safe, leveled, and improved property today!