Land Clearing in O'Fallon, MO

One scenario when it’s a good idea to make a land clearing is if you are planning to build on the land. Trees and other vegetation can make it difficult to lay the foundation for a building or any other construction.


At Liscombe Tree Service, we use big equipment to cut down trees, clear vegetation, and remove any obstructions that might hinder your workers’ progress on a job site in O’Fallon, MO. 


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Our Process at Liscombe Tree Service Is Top-Notch

The process of land clearing can vary depending on the desired purpose for the land. For example:


Agricultural Activities

We begin to remove any trees or large brush that might interfere with plowing or planting. This is typically done with a bulldozer or other heavy machinery. Once the land has been cleared, it can then be plowed and fertilized in preparation for planting. 


Construction Project

The initial steps are similar. We remove trees and brush, and we level the soil. However, additional steps are necessary to ensure the land is prepared for foundation work. For example, tree roots removal and underground utilities may need relocation.


Soil Treatment

This is to get rid of insects or other pests. The process may also involve the removal of debris, such as old trees or logs. We usually use a bulldozer.


Our Land Clearing Services Are Beneficial for Your Property

Brush clearing and tree services are important services that offer many benefits, such as:


Brush Clearing

It improves the appearance of your property, increases its value, and makes it easier to maintain. It prevents the spread of wildfires and reduces the risk of potential property damage.


Tree Pruning & Trimming

It improves the health of your trees and removes diseased or damaged branches. Pruning and fertilizing your trees helps them grow more quickly, making them more resistant to wind damage.


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When you hire Liscombe Tree Service for land clearing services, you can be certain that we’ll handle the work competently, by using the equipment required. 


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