Land Clearing Services

Land Clearing is a process that prepares construction and development sites for your intended project. It includes removing trees, stumps, and vegetation until the area is smoother and easier to work on. After this process is done, there is a light clean-up of the residue left behind.

No matter the size or type of project you plan, professional land clearing is the best way to ensure success. In Liscombe Tree Service, a top-rated tree service company, we will prepare the land for you quickly and affordably.


9 Benefits Of Land Clearing

There are many benefits to consider when you decide to clear your land. Some include:

  1. Increases Availability: Tree removal & stump clearing makes inaccessible land accessible. Overall, land clearing is usable for building houses, parks, parking lots, etc.
  2. Safer property: When a piece of land is filled with rotting wood and dead trees, it may shelter different pests and become a hazardous environment. Land clearing services can eliminate this danger.
  3. Prevents Diseases From Spreading: Once a piece of vegetation contains diseases, it is a matter of time for the rest of the land to become sick from the pests. Land clearing is an effective way of stopping the diseases from spreading.
  4. Promotes Vegetation Growth: When a piece of land is overcrowded with vegetation, there is a lower survival rate for the growing vegetation. Clearing land provides more room for vegetation to grow and provides more access to water, nutrients, and sunlight.
  5. Improves Soil: Weeds and other undesirable plant growth allow for soil erosion to occur. Clear the land helps to redistribute the soil evenly, making it healthier.
  6. Decreases Probability Of Fires: Land clearing can be used to remove dead plants, rotting tree stumps, and other such threats, preventing the spread of wildfire.
  7. Reduces Pests: Dense areas with vegetation provide shelter for pests. To eliminate the chances of pests’ nesting, clearing the plot is recommended.
  8. Increases Aesthetics: By using tree removal and lot clearing services, you can remove unwanted and dying plant life, adding to the beauty of the land itself.
  9. Increases Land Value: Land Clearing can also help to increase the land’s value since one step towards construction is already off the list.

Clear Your Land with Liscombe Tree Service

Liscombe Tree Service offers the full package in land clearing, including tree removal & stumps removal. In LTS, we value excellence, honesty, and accountability: We Own it. We Take Initiative. We Have Integrity. We Are Creative. We Grow. We Are a Team. We Create a Positive Impact.