Pruning Young And Mature Trees 101

Man pruning trees with tools

Pruning Young And Mature Trees 101

How we cut branches defines how the tree will keep growing. Did you know that when a tree is wounded, the injury doesn’t heal but stays with it as it grows? We can control the tree’s shape, size, and growth by pruning. That’s why pruning must be done to avoid causing long-term damage.


This blog post will discuss the difference between pruning young and mature trees on your property. Keep reading!

Pruning A Young And Adult Tree? Know The Difference

When you’re pruning young trees, your objective is usually to give them a specific shape or form. As you cut away at the tree, it starts to grow in the direction of its new condition.


For more aesthetically pleasing trees, mature ones must be pruned, so their canopy looks different. On the other hand, if a young tree is getting too big, in the way, or hanging low, it only requires this type of pruning.

  • A Young Tree’s Pruning

When pruning a young tree, take the following actions:


  1. Before cutting, consider your options carefully. The tree can be harmed or grow in the wrong direction with just one wrong step.
  2. While the tree is still young, make any necessary cuts. Later, larger incisions don’t carry the same risk.
  3. To prevent injuring the trunk, locate the branch collar and cut just outside of it.
  4. Instead of using hedge shears to prune, use the proper instruments.


  • Pruning A Mature Tree

The best advice for trimming these trees is to leave live foliage alone. Permanent damage on a mature tree is brutal to heal and can shorten the tree’s life.

  • Never prune from the top to shorten a tree. Like young trees, cut full branches near the collar and remove height that way.
  • When trimming to create clearance, see halfway through with an upward motion and then do the same going downward. Finally, saw just outside the collar for removal.
  • Saws are necessary for these larger branches rather than pruning tools.

Hire Our Tree Pruning Services, Let The Professionals Handle

Tree pruning is a matter of practice. At Liscombe Tree Service, our tree arborists have had different cases that allow them to identify the best way to prune each tree quickly. 


Our mission is to provide the highest quality tree care possible. We’re dedicated to preserving the health and beauty of your trees. Contact us today and hire our tree services!