Dardenne Prairie Tree Services

Experienced Professional Tree Removal Services

Safe Tree Removal with Dardenne Prairie Tree Services

Liscombe Tree Service specializes in tree removal among our many services. While trees can ramp up the beauty and value of your property, they can sometimes become hazardous. Trees that are dead, diseased, or positioned in risky locations might necessitate removal to ensure safety.

Our seasoned team possesses the skills to evaluate your trees for potential threats or illnesses and advise appropriate solutions. Whether the tree is located in a residential neighborhood, an apartment complex, or a commercial area, our priority is ensuring the safety of everyone nearby. We emphasize identifying and mitigating risks associated with deteriorating trees and their branches. With Liscombe Tree Service, you’re prioritizing safety.

Tree Cutting & Cleaning with Dardenne Prairie Tree Services

Liscombe Tree Service is proficient at cutting and cleaning trees. We make sure to do it safely and in a way that’s best for the trees. Cutting branches helps get rid of ones that might be sick or could fall on things like houses or driveways.

Why should you cut branches? It makes trees look nicer and grow better. Most importantly, it makes things safer. When we cut branches the right way, it makes the area around the tree safer and prettier. You can trust us to take good care of your trees.

Tree Trimming And Pruning Services
Land Clearing Services

Getting Rid of Tree Stumps with Dardenne Prairie Tree Services

After a tree is cut down, a stump is usually left behind. This stump can cause problems. People might trip over it, and if left alone, it can stay there for a very long time.

Liscombe Tree Service can help you with this. We use special machines to grind down the stump. Even if the stump is in a hard-to-reach place, our skilled team can handle it. Let us help you make your space safe and clear of tree stumps.

Eco-Friendly Clean-Up with Dardenne Prairie Tree Services

Liscombe Tree Service is a top name when it comes to being green and friendly to the environment. We have the most special trucks, called grapple trucks, in the Saint Louis and Saint Charles areas. These trucks help businesses by picking up things like dead trees, building waste, and leftover plant stuff.

If you need help with cleaning up using our grapple trucks, we’re ready to help! We always work professionally and make sure the area is super clean when we’re done. You’ll be happy with our work. We use our trucks for different jobs, like clearing land, cleaning up after a storm, or taking out trees. If you’re not sure if you need our big trucks, just ask! We can also help plan the best time for us to come and help you.

Green Debris Hauling Services

Getting Ready with Dardenne Prairie Tree Services

Before you start building or setting up anything, it’s important to clear the land. This means removing trees, tree stumps, and other plants so your area is ready for your project. No matter how big or tricky your project is, you can trust Liscombe Tree Service to help you start right. It’s a smart idea to get professionals to clear your land so everything goes smoothly from the start.

Whether you have a small piece of land with tight paths or a big area with lots of plants, our skilled team and our great tools can handle it. We promise to get your land ready quickly and without costing too much.

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