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Experienced Professional Tree Removal Services

Safe Tree Removal Services

At Liscombe Tree Service, Tree Removals are the top service we provide. While trees are valuable assets to your property, they can also pose significant risks. We often undertake tree removal to address trees that are dead, decaying, or presenting potential hazards. Rest assured, our seasoned team is adept at evaluating your trees for any damage or illness and suggesting the right course of action. Whether the tree is situated in a residential, multifamily, or commercial area, we prioritize the safety of everyone nearby. Our primary concern is safety and minimizing liabilities. Through our assessments, we aim to reduce potential risks associated with decaying trees and branches.

Tree Pruning

At Liscombe Tree Service, we take great pride in providing top-notch, secure, and efficient tree pruning techniques essential for enhancing the resilience and appearance of your trees. Tree pruning involves removing branches that are dead, diseased, or intruding on structures like homes or driveways. The primary reasons for proper tree pruning are to boost your property’s aesthetic appeal, encourage healthy growth, and most crucially, to eliminate potential dangers.

Tree Trimming And Pruning Services
frontenac stump removal

Stump Removals In Frontenac, MO

After a tree is taken down, the final cut near the ground results in a stump and occasionally some surface roots that should be eliminated. Leaving the stump can pose a risk if someone stumbles or gets injured by it. If not addressed, the stump can take years or even decades to break down naturally. Liscombe Tree Service provides stump grinding solutions with cutting-edge equipment. Sometimes, precise operation of specialized stump grinding machinery is necessary to access challenging locations.

Green Debris Hauling

As leaders in the green sector with the largest fleet of grapple trucks in the Saint Louis and Saint Charles Metro Areas, we’re dedicated to helping businesses shine and promoting collaboration. Grapple trucks are essential for removing dead trees, landscaping waste, and construction debris. We offer top-notch grapple hauling services with professionalism, ensuring pristine outcomes. Trust in our expertise. Our services simplify projects, from lot clearing to storm cleanup. Grapple trucks efficiently handle landscaping and tree debris. We’ll advise on the need for our heavy machinery and coordinate a suitable time for your project.

Green Debris Hauling Services

Frontenac Land Clearing Services

Land clearing readies construction and development sites by removing trees, stumps, and vegetation, ensuring a smooth start to your project. Regardless of your project’s scale, ensure a seamless beginning by having your land professionally cleared. This step is crucial for the project’s success.

Our skilled team, equipped with versatile all-terrain machinery, can handle everything from navigating tight spaces to clearing extensive woodlands. Trust us to prep your land efficiently and cost-effectively.