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Tree Removal Done the Safe Way in Kirkwood Tree Services

At Liscombe Tree Service, one of the many services we offer is Tree Removal. Trees on your property are one of the largest assets but can become a major liability. Tree removal is often performed to remove dead and dying trees as well as those that may be causing a potentially hazardous situation. Don’t worry, our team has the experience and knowledge to assess your trees for damage or disease and make the appropriate recommendation for the tree. No matter if the tree is located in a residential, multifamily, and commercial communities we keep them safe for everyone around. Safety and liability are also our focus. By having your trees assessed, we can help mitigate potential liabilities related to dead trees and limbs.

Tree Trimming & Pruning in Kirkwood Tree Services

At Liscombe Tree Service, we pride ourselves in offering the most safe, efficient, and effective pruning methods that are a must when wanting to improve the overall strength and visuals to your trees. Tree pruning is the process in which a tree will have any branches pruned that are dead, sick, or encroaching on a certain structure such as your home or over a driveway. The biggest reason to have your trees pruned properly is to improve your curb appeal, promote positive growth patterns, but most importantly to remove hazards.

Tree Trimming And Pruning Services
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Stump Grinding Service in Kirkwood Tree Services

When a tree is removed the last cut closest to the ground will leave a stump and sometimes surface roots that need to be removed. If the stump is left behind it can potentially become a liability for you if someone trips or falls over the stump. If left and not “ground out” it can take many years if not decades for the stump to decompose naturally. Liscombe Tree Service offers stump grinding services using state of the art stump grinder equipment. There are times stump grinding requires precision handling of specialized stump grinding equipment to fit machinery into hard to reach places.

Green Debris Hauling in Kirkwood Tree Services

Liscombe Tree Service is the leader in the green industry with the largest fleet of grapple trucks in the Saint Louis and Saint Charles Metro Areas. We believe in doing all we can to help local businesses look their absolute best and work together at all times. Generally, a grapple truck is needed to get rid of dead trees, landscaping debris, and construction debris. We would be happy to provide any necessary grapple hauling services. All our services are performed in a professional manner that leaves your property looking good and you feeling great. Trust that you are in good hands when you work with us. Grapple hauling services can make your next project much easier and less of a burden. We can help with lot clearing, tree removal, and storm clean up. Grapple trucks are perfect for collecting both landscaping and tree debris on any job site. We will work with you to let you know if your project will need our heavy lifting machinery, as well as schedule a convenient time for you and your business.

Green Debris Hauling Services

Land Clearing in Kirkwood Tree Services

Land clearing is a service that prepares construction and development sites for your intended project. It includes the removal of trees, stumps and vegetation, so your land is clear and ready for your project to begin. No matter what size of development or construction project you are
planning, start it without interruption by scheduling Liscombe Tree Service to clear your land. Professional land clearing is one of the best ways to ensure the success of you and your crew before the project begins.

Whether your site requires navigation of narrow paths or removal of thickets and expansive woodlands, our experienced team and comprehensive supply of all-terrain equipment will get the job done. We will prepare the land for you quickly and affordably.

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