O’Fallon Tree Services

Experienced Professional Tree Removal Services

Tree Removal Done the Safe Way in O’Fallon Tree Services

Liscombe Tree Service provides many services, including Tree Removal. Trees can be valuable, but sometimes they pose risks. Removing trees is often done when they’re dying or could be dangerous.

Our team knows how to check trees for problems or sickness. They’ll suggest the best action based on their findings. Trees in homes, apartments, or businesses? We handle them all.

Safety is our top priority. Evaluating your trees can reduce dangers from fallen branches or dead trees.

Tree Trimming & Pruning in O’Fallon Tree Services

Liscombe Tree Service is known for safe and quality pruning. We want to make your trees strong and good-looking. Pruning removes dead, sick, or problem branches.

For example, branches might grow too close to your house or driveway. Why trim your trees? It makes your property look better. It helps trees grow right. Most of all, it keeps things safe.

Tree Trimming And Pruning Services
Safe Stump Grinding Service

Stump Grinding Service in O’Fallon Tree Services

When you cut down a tree, you’re left with a stump. This stump isn’t just an eyesore; it can be dangerous. People might trip over it.

Liscombe Tree Service can help you with that. We’ve got advanced machines to grind stumps down. Some stumps are in tight spots, but our team knows how to handle them. With us, your yard can be stump-free and safer.

Debris Removal in O’Fallon Tree Services

Liscombe Tree Service is top-notch in the green business. We have lots of grapple trucks in the Saint Louis and Saint Charles areas. We aim to make local businesses shine.

Grapple trucks help remove dead trees and waste. They’re also great for clearing construction mess. If you need this service, we’re here for you.

Our team is professional and reliable. After we’re done, your space will look neat. Plus, you’ll feel relieved.

We also help with cleaning up after storms. If your project is big, don’t worry. We’ll guide you and set a time that suits your schedule.

Green Debris Hauling Services

Land Clearing with O’Fallon Tree Services

Land clearing gets your property ready for building. This means taking away trees, stumps, and plants. When your land is clear, you can start your work.

Thinking of a big or small project? Liscombe Tree Service can help prepare your land. With our help, your project can start smoothly.

Some lands have tricky spots or thick woods. But our skilled team and special equipment can handle it. We’ll make sure your land is ready fast and won’t hurt your wallet.

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