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Yard Waste Removal Service

If you have trees on your property, you know that they produce large amounts of leaves and other organic materials. Those piles of leaves can’t just be left lying around as they will start to decompose. Those decomposing piles of leaves can attract insects and rats and also rob nitrogen from the soil, something you want to avoid.

Green hauling is the process of taking down trees, branches, or other debris and hauling that material away. It can be done for various purposes, whether you’re clearing out land for lawns, simply cleaning up the mess from winter storms, or getting ready to build something on your property. Hauling is hard work, but you don’t have to do it alone. 

At Liscombe Tree Service, we make hauling simple. With the largest fleet of grapple trucks in Saint Louis and Saint Charles Metro Areas, our trained and trusted crews are available to take on any job, no matter what size. We offer affordable and convenient services. Our teams are skilled, trustworthy, and insured. 

When you need us to clear out your home or business or take care of your yard waste disposal, call Liscombe Tree Service.


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3 Benefits Of Yard Waste Removal

  • Health And Beauty Of Your Yard.

Lawn clippings, leaves, and other organic debris can tangle with your grass, resulting in thick thatch patches. These patches suffocate the root systems beneath them, creating ideal conditions for mold and fungus to thrive. Removing debris allows the lawn to thicken and take over these areas again. 

Green hauling also removes food sources for insects and rodents. It opens up your yard to allow sunlight in and water down to the root systems of plants. Making a clean sweep makes way for fresh growth and healthy root development.

  • Valuable Space For You And Your Family

Many people consider their yard a place to relax and have fun. However, a yard full of debris can create more than just a landscaping eyesore — it can also leave your family vulnerable to pests in addition to spreading disease.

By cleaning your garden, you get rid of that old and rotten spot which takes valuable space from your garden and has the potential to cause health hazards by allowing pests and bugs to colonize.

  • Curb Appeal

Whether you want to sell your home soon or enjoy a more attractive property, a green lawn free of debris adds significantly to its curb appeal resulting in a healthier, more desirable property. It also adds to the attractiveness of the neighborhood.

How Much does Green Debris Hauling Services Cost?

We have 70 yard trucks ready to pick up your loads Monday – Friday 7 am to 4 pm
Flat rate based on driving distance from our office in Saint Charles.

Pricing – 70 yard truck

0-25 miles     $500.00
26-35 miles   $575.00
36-50 miles   $650.00

Pricing – 120 yard truck and trailer

0-25 miles     $950.00
26-35 miles   $1150.00
36-50 miles   $1350.00

loads must be accessible from the road, substantially free of dirt and contaminants, certain other restrictions may apply. Give us a call to discuss details and scheduling.

Step 1

Contact us via phone, email, or messenger to schedule a price estimate with Liscombe Tree Service.

Step 2

Our Office Manager will add you to the calendar for our soonest available appointment, choose between an AM/PM time slot to fit your schedule or let us know you have no preference if you will not be present on the day of the estimate.

Step 3

Our Sales Arborist will be there on the specified day to assess your trees for the requested service and answer any additional questions/concerns. Rest assured, it’s not required that you are present for the estimate.

Step 4

Within 24 hours you will receive an estimate via the email provided for approval and to schedule the work to be completed on an agreed upon date.

Step 5

Once your service date has been scheduled, expect to receive a courtesy call the day before to confirm and to be given a specific time the crew will arrive at your home or place of business the following day.

Step 6

Sit back and relax, knowing LTS - a professional and fully insured company is handling your trees.

We´re Green Hauling Your Way

When it comes to yard cleanup and yard waste removal, it is essential to choose a company you can trust. With Liscombe Tree Service, that choice is easy because we are the green industry leader in Saint Louis and Saint Charles Metro Areas. Our years of experience have allowed us to build our reputation around professionalism, expertise, and honesty. There isn’t a better choice for all of your green hauling needs than Liscombe Tree Service.

Let us tackle all of your green hauling needs so you can maintain a beautiful, safe, and healthy home or business. We carry out everything in a safe manner and happily take care of the burden of clearing and disposing of branches and green debris so that you don’t have to.