Stump Grinding In St. Louis, MO

Are You Looking For Professional Stump Removal Services?

It’s common for homeowners to have trees removed from their yards, but it’s also common for them to not know what to do with the tree stumps – which often end up rotting, taking valuable space, and posing a threat to human health.

Stump grinding is the process of removing tree stumps and roots from your lawn. It’s a step in landscaping that removes unsightly and dead material from your yard. The purpose is to return your property to its original state.

At Liscombe Tree Service, we use carefully-calibrated machinery to grind up and remove stumps and roots. We use specialized tools, ensuring that any debris left on site can be easily removed. Once we complete this service, you should have nothing left but fresh soil ready for planting!

Our Local Stump Removal Results:

How Much Does Stump Removal Cost?

In most situations, we charge our stump grinding service based on the diameter of the tree at its base, which is typically its widest point near ground level. Other factors involved are the tree’s location relative to other structures and accessibility.

Key Benefits of Stump Removal Service

  • Regain space and improve property appearance
  • Clear stumps for new ground coverings or new planting
  • Avoid accidents
  • Control pests
  • Avoid stump sprouting

What Happens After Stump Is Removed?

The stump will be reduced by grinding it into pieces or completely breaking it into smaller chunks. These pieces are then hauled away in a dumpster or truck that can hold heavy loads.

Once this is done, all that will remain of the stump is a small hole in the ground, which can be filled with dirt or grass seed to cover it up again. This makes it possible to use your yard space again.

Why Hire Liscombe Tree Sevice To Remove That Stump

Effective stump removal requires intimate knowledge of how each Missouri tree grows and its root system. They know what techniques and tools will achieve the results you need for what you have planned for the space. If you need to remove stumps from your tree, hire a local tree service to complete it to ensure it’s done efficiently without damaging the rest of your landscaping. 

Liscombe Tree Service is owned and operated by a certified arborist with a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can quickly and safely remove that stump and prepare the space for construction or planting. Using advanced technology and techniques, we guarantee to leave no trace of the old tree or its roots behind. 

If you have stumps on your St. Louis-St. Charles, MO, property, you need stump removal from Liscombe Tree Service.

Our Tree Stump Removal Process

Step 1

Give us a call or book an inspection online.

Step 2

A certified arborist provides an on-site tree. We learn your plans for the space to determine whether stump grinding or a complete root ball removal is required.

Step 3

You receive a detailed estimate via email for your stump removal service. A tree care specialist can answer any questions by phone or email.

Step 4

Once your appointment has been scheduled, we text or call 24 hours prior and again when we are on our way to your site.

Step 5

We arrive on time and complete your stump grinding or removal service, taking care to minimize disruption to the rest of your property.

Step 6

We remove any debris, fill in, grade, and anything else needed to prepare the space for what comes next.

Why You Should Choose Us To Get Rid Of Your Tree Stumps

a man wearing a red shirt that says ' tree service ' on it, operating a stump grinding machine

We Are Certified Arborists

We have an arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) on staff and present on every job to ensure effective stump grinding, protect surrounding plants, and uphold professional standards.

Tree Trimming And Pruning Services

Fully Licensed & Insured

Our tree care experts are fully licensed, insured, and trained in all aspects of tree care. We strictly adhere to all safety regulations and regularly inspect and maintain our equipment for your peace of mind and ours.

Five-Star Follow Through

We lead the tree care industry for quality work and service excellence and go above and beyond to ensure a smooth process. Our countless 5-star reviews attest to our responsiveness, cleanliness, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

stump removal team cleaning up the aftermath stump debris

50+ Years Of Combined Tree Care Experience

From management to our crews in the field, the LTS team operates with a core set of values guiding our daily operations. You can expect honesty, integrity, and accountability when working with us. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in tree care, enabling us to care for your property safely and efficiently, educate our customers, and make suggestions on how to best care for your trees.

A man operating a yellow sc70tx stump cutting machine

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Our tool of choice for residential stump grinding jobs is the SC70TX stump cutter. While the SC70TX is designed to fit snugly into tight residential spaces, it doesn't compromise on power. This ensures that even the most stubborn stumps in confined areas can be tackled with ease.

Stump Grinding FAQs

The cost to remove a stump depends on the tree’s size, how deep we need to go, whether we remove that root ball, and what is required to restore the space for what comes next. We offer free estimates and on-site consultations. Get yours today!

We typically go down 6 to 10 inches below the ground surface for stump grinding, but we can adjust based on your specific needs and preferences.

Stump grinding is when a grinding machine grinds down the stump and above-ground root zone to 6 to 10 inches below the surface to stop the tree from growing back after removal. Stump grinding is the way to go if you are constructing an outdoor living space or deck or covering the area with sod. 

Stump removal is when we use excavators and extractors to remove the stump and root ball. It is a more invasive and costly method of removing a stump that is only required if you plan to plant a new tree where the old one stood or prepare the site for certain kinds of development.

Once the stump has been removed, a large hole is left that we fill and then grade the property to restore it. 

We offer free consultations to help you decide whether you need stump grinding or removal.

You do not need to be home when we complete the work. We will ensure the job is done safely and professionally.

Generally, it is not advisable to grind roots without potentially harming the tree. A consultation with our certified arborist can provide further insight.

Yes, we can remove root balls as part of our comprehensive tree services. The cost to remove the root ball depends on its size and location.

We recommend planting a new tree at least 10 feet away from where the old tree was.

We always aim to minimize yard damage. However, some operations may cause minor indentations. We’ll work to restore the yard to its original condition as much as possible.

It is not always necessary; grinding out stumps can prevent pest infestations, reduce safety hazards, and improve your landscape’s aesthetics. If the tree was not infected or infested, transforming the stump into a habitat snag provides a home for the wildlife that once called your tree home and hours of wildlife-watching enjoyment.