Safe Stump Grinding & REMOVAL

Professional Stump Grinding & Removal in St. Charles & St. Louis, MO

It’s common for homeowners to have trees removed from their yards, but it’s also common for them to not know what to do with the tree stumps – which often end up rotting, taking valuable space, and posing a threat to human health.

Stump grinding is the process of removing tree stumps and roots from your lawn. It’s a step in landscaping that removes unsightly and dead material from your yard. The purpose is to return your property to its original state.

At Liscombe Tree Service, we use carefully-calibrated machinery to grind up and remove stumps and roots. We use specialized tools, ensuring that any debris left on site can be easily removed. Once we complete this service, you should have nothing left but fresh soil ready for planting!


How Much Does Stump Removal Cost?

In most situations, we charge our stump grinding service based on the diameter of the tree at its base, which is typically its widest point near ground level. Other factors involved are the tree’s location relative to other structures and accessibility.

Key Benefits of Stump Removal Service

  • Regain space and improve property appearance
  • Clear stumps for new ground coverings or new planting
  • Avoid accidents
  • Control pests
  • Avoid stump sprouting

What Happens After Stump Is Removed?

The stump will be reduced by grinding it into pieces or completely breaking it into smaller chunks. These pieces are then hauled away in a dumpster or truck that can hold heavy loads.

Once this is done, all that will remain of the stump is a small hole in the ground, which can be filled with dirt or grass seed to cover it up again. This makes it possible to use your yard space again.

Hire Liscombe Tree Service to Get That Stump Removed!

Stump grinding is one of those seemingly simple tasks that can lead to many complicated problems. You should only call professionals for this type of service. The process can be dangerous if done improperly. 

At Liscombe Tree Service, we have the knowledge and necessary experience to complete this type of work every time safely. When done by our professional arborists, stump grinding is a highly safe process, leaving no trace of roots or wood behind. 

If you have a tree stump on your property and don’t want it there anymore, or require any of our tree services, contact us to clarify any doubt.


Step 1

Contact us via phone, email, or messenger to schedule a price estimate with Liscombe Tree Service.

Step 2

Our Office Manager will add you to the calendar for our soonest available appointment, choose between an AM/PM time slot to fit your schedule or let us know you have no preference if you will not be present on the day of the estimate.

Step 3

Our Sales Arborist will be there on the specified day to assess your trees for the requested service and answer any additional questions/concerns. Rest assured, it’s not required that you are present for the estimate.

Step 4

Within 24 hours you will receive an estimate via the email provided for approval and to schedule the work to be completed on an agreed upon date.

Step 5

Once your service date has been scheduled, expect to receive a courtesy call the day before to confirm and to be given a specific time the crew will arrive at your home or place of business the following day.

Step 6

Sit back and relax, knowing LTS - a professional and fully insured company is handling your trees.