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Pruning a tree too late can cause damage to the structure of its tissue and perhaps this may even slowly kill your tree. Annual tree inspections will help identify potential problems before they become too costly or dangerous, such as leaning or dry rot. Arborists recommend spring and fall inspections; this is best during November through March’s rainy season.

When a tree is not pruned when needed, there is less strength in the limbs and trunk. Less strength in the limbs makes them more susceptible to strong winds. Not getting rid of deadwood can cause insects and fungus to attack, creating disease in the tree’s trunk. Also, not pruning branches can cause the limbs to be turned upwards towards buildings and power lines.


Reliable Tree Services!

Liscombe Tree Services is a tree company that has been expertly trained and equipped to handle any tree-related issues. We offer customized, specialized advice for home or commercial properties, including comprehensive inspections, pruning services to reduce hazardous limb weight, preserve healthy root systems, analyze planting needs, and project planning.

Benefits Of Working With The Tree Experts

  • We are insured and licensed, so you will always be protected.
  • We care about the needs of our customers, all of our services will always be shaped to your satisfaction.
  • We have all the equipment to do the job half as long as any other company, so you will have more time to do other things on your schedule.
  • Our tree pruning service is affordable so that it won’t break your wallet.
  • Our experts can identify any problems you may have and solve them professionally and quickly.

Tree Experts in St. Charles & St. Louis, MO

Stop looking for “tree services near me”. At Liscombe Tree Service, our experts can identify any problem you may have and solve them professionally and quickly. We care about the needs of our customers. Liscombe Tree Service is committed to excellence, and always available to provide our service to commercial & residential properties. Get in touch with us today!


What is the Difference Between Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming?

These terms are generally used interchangeably, we refer to pruning as the removal of dead, diseased, or structurally compromised branches. Tree trimming can be thought of as controlling or cutting back overgrown trees. Trimming is also more widely used to describe landscape care on shrubs and bushes. Trimming Trees and Pruning trees increase a tree’s overall appearance, health, and provide a long-lasting happy lifespan. Proper tree maintenance can minimize storm damage, improve structural integrity, and provide much-needed clearance for sidewalks and building structures.

Key Benefits of Tree Maintenance

– Increase beauty and views on your property
– Decrease the risk of hazardous situations due to overgrowth or dead branches
– Improve health of urban trees

Step 1

Contact us via phone, email, or messenger to schedule a price estimate with Liscombe Tree Service.

Step 2

Our Office Manager will add you to the calendar for our soonest available appointment, choose between an AM/PM time slot to fit your schedule or let us know you have no preference if you will not be present on the day of the estimate.

Step 3

Our Sales Arborist will be there on the specified day to assess your trees for the requested service and answer any additional questions/concerns. Rest assured, it’s not required that you are present for the estimate.

Step 4

Within 24 hours you will receive an estimate via the email provided for approval and to schedule the work to be completed on an agreed upon date.

Step 5

Once your service date has been scheduled, expect to receive a courtesy call the day before to confirm and to be given a specific time the crew will arrive at your home or place of business the following day.

Step 6

Sit back and relax, knowing LTS - a professional and fully insured company is handling your trees.