The Most Reliable Tree Services In St. Charles County, MO

Liscombe Tree Service provides top-notch tree care services for St. Charles, MO residents. 

We’re a company with over 50+ years of combined experience. We’re a leading tree service company, with hundreds of satisfied customers. If you’re struggling with land clearing challenges, we’re the ones to contact.

At Liscombe Tree Service, we understand our client’s needs and opportunities to improve their timeframes. We only use top-tier tools to ensure we complete the work within the same day if possible. Improve your investment by hiring the most reliable tree service in St. Charles, MO!


Why Choose Liscombe Tree Service?

Our top-quality service and outstanding results speak for themselves. At Liscombe Tree Service, we specialize in tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, stump grinding, and green debris hauling. We restore your property effortlessly. We can help you reshape your land or property, whether a dead tree lays in your yard or your favorite tree needs some trimming. We can take over any challenge you bring to us!

Great Results From A Great Company

You can achieve great results when a great team moves towards the same goal. Our core values (honesty, integrity, and accountability) keep us on the same page and direction.


We’ll offer straightforward answers to your questions and inquiries about the challenges you’re facing. Our experience allows us to set clear expectations and timeframes about the task involved in your land restoration project. Rest assured, we’ll get the work done.


We’ll quote and bill you for the required services with no hidden costs or added fees. We deliver your requested service, and we do it with a smile.


We’re a licensed and insured tree services company. We’ll take full responsibility in case of any inconvenience or damage to your property or assets. If you have any doubts, thoughts, or concerns, talk to us, and we’ll be glad to help you understand how Liscombe Tree Service backs you up.

Liscombe Tree Service: Experts In Tree Care Solutions In St. Charles, MO

Liscombe Tree Service offers a wide range of services to restore your property. Make room for new projects by removing dead trees, grinding stumps, or hauling the debris from your yard – the most affordable and convenient tree services in St. Charles. Our experts can take any challenge you bring to us.

At Liscombe Tree Service, we look forward to improving our customers’ lives with tailored outdoor solutions. Get in contact with us and find out how easy it is!