Top 4 Tips To Properly Pruning Your Shrubs

Top 4 Tips To Properly Pruning Your Shrubs

To maintain a good shape and appearance, trees and bushes require additional attention. Knowing a few simple trimming techniques for trees and shrubs can help homeowners create a more attractive environment.

Pruning is a maintenance procedure that, when done correctly, can be helpful to a woody landscaping plant. However, understanding a tree or shrub’s growth habits and how and when to prune is necessary to avoid “butchering” its appearance. Trees and bushes, for example, should be pruned at a young age rather than waiting until they are overgrown.

Today we have gathered 4 tips to help you do shrub pruning properly.

Tip #1. Cut Near The Trunk

Always cut where the branch originates on the trunk or main limb when pruning trees and many plants; never leave a stub. The only exception to this is when cutting hedges that require a precise shape.

Tip #2. Remove Infected Branches

Remove any dead, sick, or insect-infested branches first, then any branches that are rubbing against one another. Also, as many branches growing back into the tree or shrub center as possible should be removed; eventually, these branches would cross and rub against one another.

Tip # 3. Use The Three-Cut Method

To avoid damaging the bark, use the three-cut procedure to remove tree limbs larger than one inch in diameter. The branch’s weight is removed initially before the final cut close to the trunk or limb is made using this procedure.

Tip #4. Know The Best Time To Trim Your Shrubs

When should you prune your tree or shrub? Pruning in late winter or early spring, just before new growth starts for the year, is perhaps the greatest period for a plant’s health. However, depending on when the plant flowers or other characteristics (such as sap “bleeding” on maples), pruning at other times of the year may be necessary.

On the other hand, early summer is the worst season to prune a woody landscape plant since new growth is still developing.

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