Tree Pruning in St Peters, MO

Like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about tree pruning until there is a problem. And by then, it’s often too late! Pruning trees at the wrong time or in the wrong way can do more harm than good.


Call us today if you live in St Peters, MO, and need help with tree pruning! At Liscombe Tree Service, we offer affordable rates and experienced professionals who will take care of your trees properly. Don’t let your trees suffer – call us today!




Get the Benefits of Tree Pruning in St Peters, MO

Tree pruning is often seen as a necessary but tedious task. However, there are several benefits to pruning trees regularly. The benefits of tree pruning are:


  • Improves the health of your trees by removing diseased or damaged branches.
  • It helps to shape and size your trees.
  • Increases the amount of sunlight and air circulation reaching your trees’ leaves, improving growth.
  • It makes your trees more aesthetically pleasing.
  • It reduces the risk of storm damage.


When Is It the Best Time to Get a Tree Service in St Peters, MO

The timing of pruning depends on the type of tree and the desired effect. In addition to timing, the amount of pruning also varies depending on the tree. Light pruning is generally all that is needed for young trees, helping them develop a robust framework of branches. 


Older trees may require more aggressive pruning to remove diseased or damaged components. Pruning can also be helpful in the winter months when the tree is dormant. 


Pruning during this time can help to stimulate growth in the spring. At Liscombe Tree Service, we’re committed to excellence and always available to provide our tree service to commercial & residential properties.


We’re Your Best Solution with Tree Services in St Peter, MO

We provide high-quality, industrial-grade tools and equipment at Liscombe Tree Service in St Peters, MO. We have all the equipment needed to complete the work in half the time as any other company.


We solve your tree health issues in a timely and efficient manner by our professionals. At Liscombe Tree Service, our staff is insured and licensed, so you will always be protected. We’re your best solution for your trees’ health in St Peter, MO, don’t hesitate and get in contact with us!