Tree Removal Services In St. Charles

Many situations would force a tree to be removed entirely. Removing a tree safely requires skill and powered equipment. Larger trees need a professional tree removal service company. At Liscombe Tree Service, we have the equipment needed to do any tree removal. 

  • Removing Trees: Older trees with decaying trunks, weak root systems, and bare crowns must be removed to allow new trees to grow.
  •  Preparing Hurricane/Storm Season: To prepare your house before a storm or hurricane, you should be able to significantly trim tall or weak trees in your yard. Liscombe Tree Service specializes in tree removal and trimming services to help you prepare for hurricanes or storms season. 
  • Clearing for Construction or other purposes: Another situation you would need from our tree removal service is to clear the area if you want space to build or plant a new garden. 


Tree Removal Services At Liscombe Tree Service

At Liscombe Tree Service, one of our top-seller services is tree removal. Trees on your property are the largest assets; however, they might become a major liability. We perform tree removal to remove dead and dying trees, also those that may be causing a potentially dangerous situation. 

Our team has the combined experience of 50+ years to assess your trees for damage to make an appropriate recommendation. It doesn’t matter if the tree is located in a residential, multifamily, and commercial community; we have the tools and equipment to safely remove it. By having your trees assessed, we help mitigate liabilities related to dead trees.

How Much Does It Cost? 

The costs for tree removal at Liscombe Tree Service vary per tree. It depends on the height and diameter, health conditions, and proximity to structures like streets, buildings, fences, and trees. Trees require specific equipment that is needed to ensure safe removal. We provide free estimates for assessing your tree in person. 

Hire The Best Tree Removal Service In St. Charles

Liscombe Tree Service is a tree removal company that provides top-quality tree removal services In St Charles. If you are looking to remove a tree from your yard due to any of the situations listed above, our team will be more than happy to help.