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Emergency Tree Removal Services by Liscombe Tree Services

Emergency tree removal becomes a necessity in certain situations. Trees can quickly become hazards, especially due to unexpected events like storms or diseases. When this happens, quick action is the key to protecting properties and ensuring safety.


Addressing these tree threats isn’t an easy task. It requires a fine balance. While the primary concern is to remove the immediate danger, there’s also a responsibility to the environment. The surrounding trees, plants, and habitats need to be considered and protected.\


That is where professional emergency tree removal services come in. They bridge the gap between the need to clear out the danger quickly as well as responsibly. But before diving into how trees are removed in emergencies, let’s take a look at what causes these situations.

What Causes Tree Emergencies?

  • Storm damage

Trees falling on houses or power lines during storms are major emergencies.

  • Blocked Access 

Trees that have fallen and blocked vital access areas.

  • Tree disease

Infections that can spread and potentially kill nearby trees.

  • Neighborhood dispute

Avoid hefty fines by addressing mandated tree removals.

  • Unexpected Growth

Trees growing faster than anticipated can interfere with surrounding infrastructure.

  • Storm Preparation


Prioritize safety by removing trees that might break during an upcoming storm.

We Provide 24-7 Emergency Tree Services

No matter the hour, Liscombe stands ready to provide emergency tree removal services in St. Charles County, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Whether it’s a weekend or a holiday, our dedicated emergency arborists are always prepared to assist you.
We prioritize your needs, and a swift, efficient response is our unwavering promise to you.

When faced with urgent situations, we encourage you to call us directly. This guarantees a quicker response compared to emailing or texting.
With a deep connection to our community, we take immense pride in serving every corner of St. Charles County.

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Why Our Arborists Are The Right Fit For Your Emergency

Each of our arborists is professionally certified, carrying a distinctive certification number or code, ensuring their expertise and credibility.

We prioritize your needs with a commitment to a swift and seamless response every time.

We offer our services at competitive rates, ensuring you receive both quality and value.

As a proud locally-owned business rooted in St. Charles County, our proximity allows us to arrive at your property in no time.

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Why Choose Liscombe Tree Services:

Experienced Professionals:
We have more than five decades of combined experience in tree care.

Fully Licensed and Insured:
We operate with utmost safety, ensuring you’re not held liable for any accidents on your property.

5 Star Follow Through:
Our reputation in St. Charles County speaks volumes about our responsiveness and dedication.

State of the Art Equipment:
Our investment in top-notch equipment ensures swift and efficient service delivery.

From its inception in 2016, Liscombe Tree Service has grown from a two-man operation to the top-rated professional tree service in St. Charles County. Our commitment to serving the community with initiative, integrity, and accountability sets us apart. We believe in leaving a positive impact everywhere at home, work, and within the community.

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