Tree Services in Town and Country, MO

Do you have a tree in your yard that needs some attention? If you live in Town and Country, MO, expert help is closer than you might think. With professional tree services available right here in your area, the days of worrying about the health and safety of your trees are over! 

From pruning and trimming to complex tree maintenance plans, the tree experts at Liscombe Tree Services can help you keep your trees looking healthy while improving their chances to thrive for years. Whether it’s an old oak tree or a fresh young sapling, let us show you what tree services can do for your property!

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a difficult job, and it’s something that experienced professionals should assist you with to avoid any unnecessary risks. Our professional team is certified to safely remove trees from your property, leaving you with more space and clean property. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to ensure the job gets done correctly!

Tree Trimming

This service is all about keeping your trees looking and feeling their best. Tree trimming involves carefully pruning or cutting branches of a tree to help it grow in the right direction. This can also help shape the tree, making it look more aesthetically pleasing and less unruly. Additionally, it will prevent the nesting of pests or mold in your tree!

Tree Pruning

Pruning is crucial to taking care of your trees and should be done every few years to keep them healthy. Tree pruning helps trees grow in the right direction, prevents overgrowth, and encourages new growth. It’s a great way to restore old trees to their former splendor. 

Start Caring For Your Trees Today!

Tree maintenance is a vital part of keeping your property looking great and maintaining the health of your trees. If you have been searching for tree services, Liscombe Tree Service is your ideal ally! We are fully licensed and insured, offering quality Tree Services in Town and Country, MO. 

We can meet all your tree maintenance goals with our customer commitment and state-of-the-art equipment. Neglecting your trees can result in dead branches, overgrown foliage, and potential safety risks for your property and family. Don’t postpone it any longer! Contact us for a free estimate or learn more about how Tree Services can benefit your property.