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Tree trimming is extremely important to take good care of your tree. Experienced tree trimmers will know when it’s already time for a tree to get trimmed, and doing it on time could help to avoid many kinds of issues. Some of these issues can become a safety hazard to you and your family.

When a tree is not trimmed when needed, it is more likely to have long-term damage, including decline and death. If you feel like your tree needs to be trimmed, it’s best to call a professional. Tree trimmers have the proper training and safety equipment that individual homeowners lack, and there’s no better tree trimming company in St. Charles than Liscombe Tree Service.

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Five Reasons to Keep Your Trees Trimmed

There are many benefits to calling a professional to trim trees. Here are five reasons why our clients call us for services.


Your yard and landscape are the first things visitors to your home or business see. A neat, well-cared-for yard is aesthetically pleasing and tells people that you take care of your property.

An appealing landscape makes your home or business more attractive. Keeping trees and shrubs trimmed enhances the overall look of your outdoor space. Trimming maintains proportions, balancing the size and density of trees and vegetation with the scale of buildings and your property.

Maintain Tree Health:

Trimming keeps trees healthy. Removing decayed or dead branches eliminates a breeding ground for pests and infestations.

Professional arborists know how to make cuts that prevent injury to the tree and enhance a tree’s shape and appearance. If a tree is diseased, professionals know how to treat the problem to promote healing and prevent the problem from spreading to nearby trees.

Trimming allows more light and air through the canopy, which helps the tree and nearby vegetation thrive.

Follow Local Regulatory Compliances:

The city of St. Charles and St. Charles County have issued several regulations regarding tree planting, trimming and maintenance that apply to landowners and developers.

In addition, your neighborhood or homeowners association may have codes regarding trees and vegetation. At Liscome Tree Service, we are aware of state and local regulations that affect trees and other vegetation on your property. When clients call for tree services, we discuss regulations that affect decisions about maintaining vegetation on their property.

We also refer clients to the relevant regulatory agency if more information or permits are required. Our work complies with these regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Property Protection:

Trimming protects your trees and your property. Overgrown trees can damage or become entangled with power lines. Although trees provide shade, which increases indoor and outdoor comfort, large limbs and branches can damage roofs, the exterior siding of a building, other exterior finishes or the building envelope.

Trimming helps maintain a proper drip line around trees to ensure runoff does not damage foundations or the building structure.


Tree maintenance enhances safety. Seasonal tree trimming removes damaged limbs and controls the direction of growth. Removing dead branches and keeping trees trimmed reduces the likelihood of branches being torn off by wind during storms or collapsing from the weight of snow or ice. Low-lying limbs may pose a safety hazard to people and animals. If trees are not properly trimmed, the weight of the tree can cause the tree to fall during heavy rains or snowstorms.

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